As you remember we took a team to Haiti this past February 9-16 [2018] and  we had a fruitful mission trip.  While on the trip a  team member became very ill and I believe we were about 12  hours away from having to return him to the states.  In  preparation I initiated the process with MTA in accordance  with our team and individual policies.  This was a  first time for me and I was a little unsure how it would  go.  I must tell you that from the first call with the  MTA administrator to a medical person calling me back  promptly in Haiti the process was a success.  It was  about as smooth as it could be with all the right questions  asked and the professionalism in response to my  answers.  The doctor even followed up with me in Haiti  24 hours later.  Fortunately we did not need to  implement the full return procedures and the team member  began to feel much better and finished the trip.  It is  very comforting to know that the process works and it just  increases my already high confidence level of MTA.  Thank you again from a grateful Haiti Mission Team and we  look forward to our continued fellowship in the  future. 


Steve Miller,  Associate of Local and Global  Missions, First Baptist Church of Universal City, TX