The Missionary Travel Association Mission

To support and protect member missionaries through the knowledge, experience, and resources of our community, and to bring them quickly and safely back home should they encounter a medical emergency in the mission field.

“The Journey”

The Missionary Travel Association is the result of decades of collective experience in medicine, critical care air medical transport, international travel assistance, and above all a heart for missions.

Beginning in 2003, internationally accredited air ambulance operator, JET I.C.U. (, has transported critically ill and injured patients from well over 100 countries around the globe to medical care in their home countries.

Many of these people are missionaries. Nearly all missionaries fell in three groups:

  • Uninsured or underinsured face the incredible expense of an international air ambulance flight. ($70K-$150K)
  • Injured and waiting days for their insurer to put their transport home out to the lowest bid.
  • Evacuated by their insurer to the “nearest appropriate hospital” with subpar equipment in a foreign country with foreign doctors, far from the care of loved ones.

For President/CEO Mike Honeycutt, who began his aviation career flying supply flights to missionaries in Haiti, this was simply unacceptable. Blessed with a successful company, a fleet of Lear Jets, and a dedicated team of experienced air medical professionals, JET I.C.U. was in the unique position to make a difference— Missionary Travel Association.

Mike approached his dad, Bill Honeycutt, a devout Christian with many missionary friends and shared his desire to help the vast missionary community serving around the world. After a year of research and planning they formed a separate company, Missionary Travel Association with Bill as the President.

The organization’s goal is to have a vehicle that missionaries from all denominations can share their missions, receive news of mission activities around the world. Participate in online discussions with fellow missionaries express needs and come together as a large community with the same goals.

As a member of Missionary Travel Association they have access to the Missionary Rescue Program that provides a benefit for transportation home should a serious medical emergency arise while in the field.

When is a company not just a company? When it’s a family. With Missionary Travel AssociationJET I.C.U., and its vast number of member missionaries, we are a large family.

With a contractual agreement with its sister company and both companies located in the same building you only have to make one call when faced with an emergency. If repatriation by commercial travel is deemed unacceptable, and once the travel arrangements are confirmed, within 90 minutes, one of our teams is in the air to bring you home.

Today, through a vision planted years ago in Haiti, the Missionary Travel Association membership program enables missionaries to travel with an assurance that cannot be found elsewhere.