Trip Cancellation and Curtailment [C&C]

$4.50 per person, per day [Additional cost]
C&C can only be purchased as an addition to the Emergency Health coverage

Please examine the policy: Click HereC&C

Page one… explains that the actual costs (the amount is open to proven receipts) that are covered for any irrecoverable payments paid or contracted… under certain conditions (listed as 1-7 Page1). There are some exclusions listed EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE TO SECTION E(1-5). Please note them.

The section page 2, “Missed Departure and Delay” is where the limit of $500 and $250 are effective. If you miss your departure because of one of the “Insured Events” (listed), the C&C will cover up to the amount listed to get you reconnected to a flight.
Please note the exceptions listed (1-4). And also note the “Special Conditions…” on submitting each claim.

TRIP CANCELLATION AND INTERRUPTION COVERED for Terrorist REASONS: “A Terrorist Act which occurs in your departure city or in a city which is a scheduled destination for your Covered Trip provided the Terrorist Act occurs within 30 days of the Scheduled Departure Date for your Covered Trip or during your Covered Trip.”

Before your purchase of TRIP CANCELLATION and CURTAILMENT to a country that may be unsafe, please contact MTA. MTA will contact our insurance underwriter and obtain the answer to the question if TRIP CANCELLATION and CURTAILMENT coverage will or will not cover said trip. This should be done 30 days prior to purchasing coverage for your trip.