Emergency Medical Benefits

Annual Missionary Travel Association membership is FREE and includes all of the Ministry Benefits below and entitles a member to significantly reduced rates for emergency medical travel coverage as shown.

Travel coverage may be purchased any time prior to the first day of travel. Also note that you may use purchased travel days any way you wish.

For example, if you purchase 30 days of cover, you may take one 30 day trip, two 15 day trips, or any other combination you wish within a one year policy.


Sum Insured/Limit
Sum Insured/Limit
A. Medical & Emergency Expenses USD 25,000USD 25,000USD 100
RepatriationUSD CostUSD Cost
Mortal Remains ReturnUSD 10,000USD 10,000
Family SupportUSD 25,000USD 25,000
B. Personal Accident USD 100,000USD 100,000
C. Baggage &/or Personal EffectsUSD 3,000USD 3,000USD 100
Single Item LimitUSD 500USD 500
D. Personal LiabilityUSD 1,000,000 in allUSD 1,000,000 in all
Total Personal DisabilityUSD 100,000USD 100,000

NB. An EXCESS/DEDUCTIBLE is an amount of money which is deducted from each and every claim made by each Person under any Section of the Insurance to which such EXCESS/DEDUCTIBLE applies.

Please examine

the Evidence of Insurance [EOI].

It explains all that is and is not covered

Click Here: EOI

Trip Cancellation and Curtailment [C&C] – $4.50 per person, per day [Additional cost]

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